About LifeBrite Advantage

Customer centered laboratory committed to delivering reliable results.

About LifeBrite

We re-open previously closed or threatened facilities and increase cash flow, compliance and outcomes for patients. LifeBrite is committed to becoming part of a local community. As part of this commitment, our goal is to restore excellent opportunities to healthcare providers in the local community so they don’t have to move to find employment.

We Manage

LifeBrite knows how important it is to have local, reliable health care services. Facilities managed by LifeBrite consistently grow and improve in both the quality and offering of services. In addition, we implement modern information management systems that improve patient care as well as improve the billing, claims and follow-up.


Our management team has experience in all aspects of Critical Access Hospital designation, operation, and management. We understand healthcare professionals want a simplified and efficient process from specimen collection to reporting results.

Skilled Nursing Homes

LifeBrite manages and operates skilled nursing facilities to improve patient care consistent with today’s healthcare standards.

LifeBrite Features

LifeBrite Features
Pain Management
addiction clinics
workers’ comp
medication reconciliation
primary care

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